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As always, confidentiality and sensitivity is key to the way we operate. We know just how damaging being accused of theft can be or how hurtful it is when someone has stolen from you. This is even worse when it’s a friend or a family member that you suspect.

At Premier Polygraph Services we not only pride ourselves in being able to get to the truth of the matter but also how to best handle the potential fallout. We want to help rebuild families and friendships, not destroy them.


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Identifying the Motive Behind the Theft

When carrying out a theft case investigation, it is important to get to know the real motive behind the incident. Theft lie detector testing can be an essential way of finding out the real reason behind the motive to steal. It’s not uncommon to discover friends or family members who are in real financial trouble. A Polygraph test can help bring all that information to the forefront and help you find a way of working with them to help rebuild their lives.

There is nothing more awkward than realising a friend, employee or even a family member has stolen from you.

If you accuse someone directly, it’s highly likely that they will deny having taken anything from you. From that point on you are stuck in a “he said, she said,” unhealthy scenario. Unless you have physically caught them in the act, or if they have the stolen items on them, you’ve got no way to prove their wrong-doing, and more importantly no way to get your stolen property back.

If you need your name cleared or you are accusing someone else of theft, over 96% of cases a polygraph test can prove your guilt or innocence. 


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Prior to the polygraph test, you will be asked to sign an authorisation to release the interview and test results. The individual or individuals who take the lie detector tests are the only people that the polygraph test will be disclosed to. As a general rule, test results are confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality occur when the examiner is a “mandatory reporter” involving child, sexual or physical abuse and when the test is not conducted for a solicitor. Regulatory bodies may have access to tests and test information but are prohibited from disclosing confidential information.